Applying Power Quality Measurements to Predictive Maintenance



You may already be using predictive maintenance (PdM) methods on your electric motors and drives. Myautocart But just how commonly do you check the power to your tools? By adding basic power top quality dimensions to production tools upkeep treatments you can avoid unanticipated failures in both manufacturing tools and your power system.

Cost cost savings

Insurance policy asserts information in the NFPA 70B upkeep standard reveals that approximately half of the expense connected with electrical failures could be protected against by regular upkeep. A research study published in IEEE 493-1997 claims that an inadequately maintained system can associate 49 % of its failures to absence of upkeep.

To figure out the cost of a failure, it helps to think about three vital categories:

– Lost revenue (gross margin) as a result of downtime

– Cost of labor to fix, patch, clean up, repair and also restart

– Expense of damaged devices and also products, including fixings, substitutes and also ditched material

Incorporating power high quality into PdM

Unlike an extensive electric system survey, anticipating maintenance power high quality focuses on a small set of measurements that can forecast power distribution or crucial load failures. By examining the power high quality at critical loads, you see the result of the electric system as much as the lots. MyAutoStores Your anticipating upkeep assessment path probably already includes any electric motors, generators, pumps, A/C devices, followers, gearboxes, or chillers on website.

Voltage stability, harmonic distortion, as well as unbalance are excellent indications of load and also circulation system wellness as well as can be taken and also tape-recorded quickly with little incremental labor. Current dimensions can identify adjustments in the means the tons is drawing. Every one of these dimensions can be taken without halting procedures and produce numbers that can quickly be become part of maintenance software as well as plotted over time.

For each and every measurement point or piece of equipment, determine what limit ought to cause rehabilitative action. Restrictions should be set well listed below the factor of failure, and also as time takes place restrictions might be “tightened up” or “loosened up” by assessing historic information. The proper restrictions depend somewhat on the ability of your tons to deal with power variation. Auto-Dim But for many tools, your upkeep team can develop a collection of default, “home limits” based on sector requirements and also experience.

The price of three-phase power analyzers is reduced currently than ever before and also it should just take about 15 mins to take the analyses reviewed in this post. (Keeping voltage droop information will include more time, because it calls for grabbing the data after a day approximately.).


Excellent voltage degree as well as stability are fundamental requirements for reliable devices operation.

– Operating tons at extremely high or reduced voltages triggers reliability problems as well as failures. Confirm that line voltage is within 10 % of the nameplate rating.

– As links in your system weaken, the increasing impedance will cause “insulation resistance drops” in voltage. Added loads, specifically those with high inrush, will additionally create voltage decline in time. The loads farthest from the service entrance or transformer will certainly reveal the lowest voltage.

– Neutral to ground voltage tells you exactly how greatly your system is loaded as well as aids you track harmonic existing. auto-alley Neutral to ground voltage greater than 3% need to trigger further investigation.

Voltage droop count.

Taking a solitary voltage reading tells only part of the story. How is the voltage transforming during a hr? During a day? Sags, swells and also transients are short-term variants in voltage. The voltage sag (or dip) is the most usual as well as frustrating range.

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