How to save money in Dubai as a tourist



Dubai is ranked among the most expensive travel destinations in the world. One of the most flamboyant places in the world, exploring this middle eastern sheikdom is no joke. While a majority of things in the desert city require big bucks to get the authentic Emirati experience, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you explore Dubai even when you’re traveling on a budget without putting in a lot of effort.

Some research, a little bit of planning, and information on hand are what you need to make an informed decision, so read on, for some simple hacks that will allow you to save money while dining, staying, or traveling in Dubai:

  • Visit During the Off-Season

The glitzy city attracts the maximum number of tourists between October to March, the weather’s at its best, and the sprawling metropolis is buzzing with numerous activities. Everything’s expensive during the peak season- Obvious, isn’t it? If you don’t want to bust your bank then the summer months will be the ideal time to visit. You’re bound to find unbelievable deals on hotels, cheap airfares, and discounts at various attractions and malls. 

Most of the popular attractions are indoors and air-conditioned so quit worrying about the weather! If you need more reasons to travel during the summers then just know that the Dubai Summer Surprise (second biggest shopping festival) is usually held during July and August with sales of up to 90 percent off! 

  • Go for affordable accommodations 

If you’re traveling on a budget, it would be best to go for Airbnb deals or hotel apartments in key locations. Whether you’re traveling with friends or family, it’s the perfect way to save some money and get much-needed space. So, avoid the luxe resorts and hotels (memorize, repeat!) and go for affordable apartments or villa accommodations. 

  • Dine on a budget

You can get a taste of the ‘Gourmet Capital of the Middle East’ in the Karama, Deira, and Bur Dubai neighborhoods. A variety of hole-in-the-wall eateries and cafes offer delectable treats for as little as AED 10. Don’t forget to check out some of our favorites- Iranian Kebabs at Special Ostadi and Pakistani Fare at Ravi’s. 

You can even opt for accommodations with functional cooking facilities and just cook your own meals to save a lot of money. 

  • Hit the spots with a minimal entry fee

Another great way of saving money is to explore the spots with minimal or no entry fee. Apart from the expensive glitz and glamour of modernized Dubai, there are a lot of places that will offer stunning views, sunny vibes, and a peek at the history of the city. If you’re in the mood to take a dip in the ocean, you can head down to La Mer or Kite Beach for the day or go camping at Al Qudra with your friends/family. 

  • Keep your transport costs low

Going around the city is often the most expensive part of a trip. You want something that fits your budget, but also don’t want to go for public transport options that come with so many hassles. It makes sense to opt for a feasible mobility solution that fulfills your needs as well as fits your budget. This is where Carsharing solutions come into the picture. 

Just download the ekar app and gain on-demand access to a network of ekars available throughout the city. You can always find an ekar at walking distance from your accommodation. Experience the comfort of owning a private ride at affordable rates. ekar will save you a ton of money while allowing you to explore all the hidden gems of the middle eastern marvel! So if you’re traveling to the UAE on a budget, consider ekar your best travel buddy

Now that you’re well aware of all the pocket-friendly tips and tricks, traveling to Dubai doesn’t seem like a far-fetched dream anymore, does it? So there’s no time to waste, hurry up and book your tickets right now! 

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